For Pria's birthday this year Stephan took the whole family to Maui. We had the best family vacation with utmost harmony.  Here are some pictures of the trip.  The rest is under family.

Spectacular sunsets of Western Maui - enjoyed from the hotels and the beaches in Lahaina



View from hotel room 

A dive in Atlantis (submarine )

We first took a transit boat, Holokai, to get to the submarine and then dived 181ft to the bottom of the ocean.   Here we are: Arek, Ben Stephan and mima the photographer.



Sunset cruise on a Catamaran - GEMINI

During which we had the luck to see double rainbows that stayed in the sky for a very long time.




Flora and fauna of Hawaii is a well known fact.  The Banyan tree in the middle of the village of Lahaina is truly spectacular. 

Flowers and vegetation in Maui Nui Botanical Gardens and Iao Valley State Park




Hyatt in Maui

 Haleakalā National Park

 ... An early, very early, morning drive to see the sunrise.  Despite our valiant efforts fighting rain and fog this was  all that could be seen!  Phantom soleil


At least we were appropriately dressed and didn't freeze to death.  The highlight of the trip, as always, was the climb to 10,000 ft. 

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