Maui 2016

The ultimate Family Vacation and Birthday Celebration

Stephan, despite his dislike of heat, took the whole family to Maui to celebrate Pria's big one.


Waiting at the airport something must have upset Lucine... while Arek manages to ignore it....

View from our room and various hotel scenes

Our favorite breakfast hangout

The amazing Hawaiian sunsets



The beach and the kids enjoying it.


Our first outing was a dive in a real submarine.  Just the four of us went and were quite impressed

Arek celebrating our deepest dive at 131 ft. [above] -  being transported to the submarine and getting out of the hatch [below]

The famous banyan tree in the middle of Lahaina

A visit to Maui Nui Botanical Gardens and the kids learning about nature

 ... And below JP - the best vacationer ever!!


a walking trip for another beach - Hyatt where we swam and had lunch and icees



A sunset outing on a catamaran - compliments of Pria and Ben

We enjoyed the sun, the sea and Mai Tais as well as amazing rainbows


We had so much fun seeing the children have fun and allowing our hair down.  The winner of this category is Stephan.  Lucine decorated him and then said: "Stephan! You look like a monkey!"

 A dinner, in town

Another trip - A visit to:  IAO VALLEY STATE PARK


The obligatory group pictures and AM & JP