The family vacation included three trips to three different peaks around Aosta

Grand S. Bernard              Aiguille du Midi/Mont Blanc                 Cervinia/Plato Rosa/Matterhorn

Grand Saint Bernard

Grand Saint Bernard was the first choice.  Stephan let Arek sit up front for the first time [legal in Europe] and made this the 'best thing' of his trip.


And the best for Lucine were the 'puppies'.  This year we did pay our 10CHF per person and went to the kennels.


Stephan being Stephan decided to hike instead....



After petting the puppies we had lunch at the Hospiz...


.... followed by a climb  by Lucine  and Arek & Stephan


Additional pictures : Grand Saint Bernard

Aiguille du Midi/ Mont Blanc

Stephan took Arek and Pria on a glacier hike.  They got up at crack o'dawn and were driven to the tram station.


With ropes and harnesses they spent several hours on the ice before meeting with us.


Ben, Lucine and I, on the other hand, took a leisurely ride up and enjoyed the surroundings


Lucine climbing every rock in sight


Meeting our mountaineers



We walked up to the peak, admired Mont Blanc, bought our tchatchkis and went halfway down for a lunch.



and a random pot pourri of memories in different cable cars.



More pictures of Aiguille du Midi/Mont Blanc : Chamonix

Plato Rosa/Cervinia

Third trip up the mountains was to Cervinia and to Plato Rosa.  Below: the cars and Matterhorn in the back.


Arek and Lucine had fun running from Switzerland to Italy and back several times...


Lunch was at the Rifugio where service was ugh! to say the least.





More pictures of Cervinia

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