Cervinia - Plato Rosa

August 2014          and         July 2015


Stephan had a great idea about our hike in Cervinia.  Hike up the path where people do summer skiing and go off to a God forsaken area! Ropes and all!

The drive was great and the view of the Matterhorn, from the south side, was almost as spectacular as of that from Zermatt.


We parked the car and got our equipment out...

... took several cable cars

and off we went!!


Back on normal ground we had a very late lunch in town. 


I love the concept  [the photo below].  God bless the Italians.  They know how to relax while entertaining their little angels(!).

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July 2015

One year later we have another trip to Cervinia.  This time with the angels!

We had lunch and then a snow ball throwing competition.



More pictures at :  Italian Adventure

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