On our way from Bergen to Balestrand we passed the Tvindefossen waterfall in the Voss commune.

The waterfall flows at full speed in the middle of summer from an altitude of 150 plus meters.  We did not take any water for any theraputic reasons as some told us it has but took many photos. 

Driving towards Voss we passed many idylic pastoral scenes spread around various fjords and some cute sheep.

And finally had our first view of the waterfall.  As it is tradition we stop every time we see something interesting so I can take pictures.  My Stephan is now so used to it that he doesn't even hesitate.  If there are no cars behind us he stops in the middle of the road, if there are cars we move to the shoulder.  And sometimes I can not even wait for him to stop and I take pictures while moving.  Some come out OK others are just 'delete - delete - delete' specials.



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