October 2022

Our stay in Mainz included a conference, a visit to Rüdesheim and an afternoon on the Rhein.

Here are the impressions of town and its lovely churches.

St. Martinsdom - The Cathedral of St Martin

This 1000 year old Romanesque Catholic Church today is the Episcopalian see of the Bishop of Mainz.


St Augustine's - Augustinerkirche

St. Stephan's  -  Stephanskirche

We climbed a little hill to get to the church.  Its claim to fame are the beautiful Marc Chagall windows.


... and last but not least St Christoph's - St. Christoph zu Mainz

A victim of the Second World War it is a counterpoint to Coventry Cathedral.

While I pointed out the ruins of the Coventry Cathedral to Stephan as "The handiwork of the Third Reich", he quietly pointed St. Christoph to me...

Marktplatz - The market square of the old town

Heunensäule [left] is a sandstone pillar.  It dates back to 1000 A.D. It was erected in the town center in 1975.

Marktbrunnen [right] is a Renaissance fountain.

 Stadtstheater - State Theater [left] and the Gutenberg monument [right]


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