July 2018   -   October 2022


July 2018

Another day, another visit. During our Rhein trip we also visited Rüdeshiem.

A quick lunch at Hotel Krone built in 17th century


A stroll through town

and up the mini tram to Niederwalddenkmal 

The statue was constructed to commemorate the unification of Germany after the Franco-Prussian War. The 38 meter high monument  was to honor Kaiser Wilhelm who proudly rides his horse in the center with other people honored in the construction.

The view of the Rhein from the hill and the gazebo nearby

October 2022

Another visit to Rüdesheim following a conference in Mainz. Stephan and I, we played host to his coworkers.  This time we witnessed the beauty of fall and the golden leaves of the vines.

The town with very few tourists

Once again the tram

 Once again Niederwalddenkmal 

... And the golden vines

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