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July 2018 

After Slovenia we drove to Austria for a few days of mountain air.  For the first time we went to Hotel Jagdhof in the summer.  It was as wonderful as it is in winter.

We took the tram up the top and walked on the areas  we usually ski down. 


Stephan [left above]  and the 'Mittelstation' [right above] - with  Dresdner Hütte to the left

Glacier covered with tarps [below] as an attempt to protect the glacier from melting away -  sad but true, and yet some still do not believe in climate change [or to put it bluntly GLOBAL WARMING!].  Again sad but true. In this case [the picture below] it is imperative that the glacier is saved as part of the poles carrying the trams are reinforced by the glacier.



Ayşe, Stephan and Asli


We also hiked up to the little chapel we always see in winter and never go to.





January 2019

Once again here we are!

Stubaier Gletscher


When Stephan had to fly to GVA for a one day meeting I took the opportunity to have a long walk around Neustift and its surroundings, including some lovely houses and the school.

Our cultural event for the trip was a drive to Bruneck/Brunico in Südtirol and visit Messner Mountain Museum

January 2020

Our ski trip just before COVID-19 hit

Once again Hotel Jagdhof. Though it has changed through the years and has gone up in certain aspects and down in others we still think it is an excellent resort and a getaway. Case in point 2015 [left] vs. 2020 [right].

Skiing is always excellent and the weather can be 'great', 'good' or 'eehh' but Schaufelspitz makes up for all shortcomings

   Below is the chef being interviewed for a gourmet magazine and Stephan's lunch at 2800 meters


On a 'bad ski day' we drove to Südtirol/AltoAdige and visited Bozen/Bolzano, Klausen/Chiusa, Steinegg/Collepietra

On antoher bad day we drove to Alto Adige again and skied in Val Gardena/Gröden

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