WHITEFISH, MT   -   August 2020

As the summer passes and COVID-19 has no end in sight, we did a very thorough research and pinpointed an area that had the smallest number of cases per capita: Whitefish, Montana.  Hence a small break from the monotony of life.

Addendum:  Unfortunately as of October 2020 the numbers have changed in the wrong direction.

We left San Carlos 5:00 am and arrived in Whitefish lunch time.  The lodge was nice.  We had a two bedroom unit overlooking the lake.



Dinners on the deck and the sunsets were magical

Day 1 - Hiking in Whitefish Mountain Resort

Took a chair up to the mountain top and hiked.  Here is entrance to the resort and a deer getting in line to buy a ticket



Day 2 - A day on Whitefish Lake - just the two of us


Some amazing mansions all around the lake


Day 3 - visiting Glacier National Park

Note the dried up creeks that were full during our previous trip to GNP


Day 4 - Another trip to the mountains and another looong hike 


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