November 2014

Another conference another trip.

This one took us to Hawaii - Honolulu

The first day we were in Hawaii, we rented a car and drove around the island.  Here are a few images of this beautiful land.






On this day trip we did several stops

The first was : Valley of Temples Memorial Park

Here we visited the The Byodo-In Temple and the Amida Buddha

A replica of the original Temple built 950 years ago in Japan it is a relatively quiet and peaceful area to visit and reflect.  The building is very pretty and the gong fun to chime.  Needless to say, being in Hawaii, one has to pay to enter the grounds...




We continued north and had lunch at Turtle Bay Resort

My bronchitis not being quite over I coughed and had soup almost all the time. 


We enjoyed the lunch, the live music and the friendly chicken!

North shore and more beaches..

On our way back we took a tour of the Dole Plantation, despite Stephan's lack of enthusiasm.  My poor love, he did it to humor me.


The rest of the week, while Stephan worked I enjoyed the beach, the warm weather and the rest that I needed.  The Hilton is a huge resort with several high-rises right on the beach.  It also has several swimming pools and a lagoon.  I was surprised to see so many people at the pools while the beach and the warm ocean is at your fingertips.


Louis Vuitton [above left] is situated right smack in the center of the resort and is open until late.  The flowers [above right] were, some of the few, that are still in bloom. And below is  Diamond Head from the Hilton.


As this was an IETF [Internet Engineering Task Force] the attendees were given Hawaiian shirts.  Many of the people wore them during the week.  Stephan wore it for 5 minutes, in the room, to amuse me.

We had several dinners with friends and went to the best restaurants in Waikiki.  [Azure was the best and Bali in the hotel second]. During the day, I entertained myself by going to the beach and had some lovely beverages.



My favorite time of the day was the sunset.  A Mai Tai, a fun book and the sunset!

And last but not least the social event.  It was a luau sponsored by CISCO.


Mahalo Hawaii.  We had a wonderful time.