March 2014

After two weeks in England [London]and Switzerland [Flims] and several days in Barcelona we drove to Valencia. On our way, we first stopped at Tarragona for some sightseeing and lunch.

We got to Valencia very quickly and easily - thanks to the EU financed infrastructure and freeways, but getting to the hotel was another story.  Even with the help of the car's GPS, it was a real challenge to navigate the tiny and charming one-way streets in the heart of  the old city and get to our destination.


The result however was amazing.

Caro Hotel, where we stayed, is a palace converted to a hotel.  The mansion itself was built in the 19th century and today its facade still remains.  It was also built on the ruins of the old city walls dating back to the 13th century Arabic city and ancient mosaics.  During conversion all the architectural history was kept and brought to view including Roman mosaics and Gothic arches.  In other words, it is a lovely hotel/museum.

We spent the afternoon and the next day walking around the city and enjoying its history and the Spanish way of life.  Here are some impressions:

First our amazing hotel - Initially they gave us a room with the city walls as the background for the bathroom sink.

The next day we moved to another room which was even lovelier than the first.

The bar at the hotel

Breakfast at the bar with 18th century tiles in the background..


Stephan waiting for the young hotel employees to bring our car.  They must have enjoyed driving a Mercedes so much we had to wait quite a while each time to get it...


Plaza de la Virgen

The Cathedral with the faithful going to church on a warm Sunday morning in March...

...while heathens like us sit at a cafe and watch them.


Hierros Doorway of the Cathedral opening to 'The Queen Square'.


The Church of The Santos Juanes on the Market Place


La Lonja de la Seda de Valencia - The Silk Trading Center of the Middle Ages.  Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

La Lonja interior


La Lonja exterior

Today instead of silk, stamps are being traded outside the La Lonja on the way to the City Hill.



City Hall - Ajuntamiento

The PTT building

... and Porta de la Mar Square

We drove to El Palmar and had lunch at a very nice place Sunday afternoon.


Spaniards like most Mediterraneans have dinner late.  Vary late for American standards.  Our first dinner in Valencia was at Restaurante De Ana. Being in Valencia we of course had a paella.  The best paella I have ever had!  We also admired the table next to us where the parents enjoyed a nice dinner and the three kids just slept.


and a couple more of excellent dinners


On one of our days in Valencia we drove to Alicante

Finally after I left, Stephan moved to a hotel near the Conference Center [Design by Norman Foster] and stayed on 10 more days for work.

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