Granada, 08/2007

One of our stops was Granada and the palace of Alhambra.


The following are a few pictures of this picturesque complex built by the Moorish monarchs. It is a palace/fortress overlooking the city of Granada famous for its ponds and gardens. Later Charles V  added a Renaissance palace - Palacio de Carlos V.

Alhambra comes from the Arabic word 'Al Hamra' which means the 'Red One' - a reference to the red clay of the region. The building of the fortress goes back to 9th century.  It was the home of the last ruling Muslim dynasty. 

Generalife borders Alhambra and houses some of the most beautiful gardens of the era.

Alhambra and Generalife

The central pools of Generalife

The waterways alongside staircases

The Courtyard of the Myrtles

Court of the Lions

The Baths

Honeycomb vaulting in the Moorish palace romms

The Wine Gate

AnneMarie and JP in the gardens of Alhambra

The "Water Garden" in Generalife

View of Alhambra, and the Palace of Carlos V, from Generalife

View of Alhambra from Generalife

The courtyard of the Palacio de Carlos V


And here are a few examples of the flowers cultivated in the gardens


Soucer Magnolia

The convent of San Francisco in the Alhambra complex is now a Parador that gives respite from the heat and the sun to those who are willing to spend the extra Euro!

Washington Irving, the American writer, spent a long period in residence at the Alhambra.

Views of Granada from the Alhambra

Our trip was completed with a flamenco night

where the music was lively

the singers were good

the dancers included : the young

the old

the one in between

a granny

...and a lonely male