Postojna Caves  &  Predjama Castle

We visited Postojna Caves when I was still a little child and the country was still part of Yugoslavia and under the firm fist of Marechal Tito.

What a difference the coming down of a wall makes!! 

Below are two pictures proving the change. There was no such thing as tourism in 1962, few people knew about the caves and visitors were given capes to wear, as it was pretty cold inside even in the summer.  Now you get in line with language groups, take a train, and have a guide for each group.



The tour starts in a huge train, not the skimpy little 10-seater they had in the 60's, and you go further into the depths of the caves and walk for about 4 kms.




Predjama Castle

Carved into a cave, the Predjama Castle dates back to 12th century.  It was rebuilt in the 16th century, and that is what we see today.  It was one of the most impregnable castles of the Middle Ages.



Erazem Leuger [above left]was a knight of Predjama Castle of the 15th century and a renowned robber baron.


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