A day's trip to Hakone with hopes of seeing the elusive Mount Fuji....  Alas... No such luck!

We first visited the Hakone Open air Museum.  A delightful place, well planned, and a rich collection.

     Picasso Pavilion

Sculptures in open air   


Emile-Antoine Bourdelle -  Left: Grande Statue de la Victoire, La Liberté, La Force de la Volonté and L'Eloquance [details below]   Right: Grande Héraclès Archer



 Grande Striptease by Giacomo Manzù [above] and Group in front of the Sea by Francisco Zúñiga [below]


Dedicated to the Aegean Sea by Yoshi Kinouchi (note the Mediterranean hips and figure)[left, above] - Rodin's Honoré de Balzac [right, above] - and last but not least Sir Henry Moore's Reclining Figure: Arch Leg.

The sunny morning turned all cloudy when we took a ride up a cable car  [called The Ropeway] to Mount Hakone. It has last erupted 3,000 years ago.  Today it is a  volcanic valley/mountain with active sulfur vents and hot springs.  And the pungent sulfur smell always strong in the air.



Lake Ashi - our last event of the day was a boat ride on the lake.



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