Old house, 07/1999

Old Gasthaus, 07/1999

"Mesner" is an old German word for a church custodian.. The Mesner-Haus was often the only accomodation in farming villages until tourism arrived in the area. This house is close to the church "Unser lieben Frau in Schnals"

Trough, 07/1999

First village in Schnalstal, 07/1999

Unser Lieber Frau im Walde, 07/1999

This church is a well-known pilgrimage destination.

Schnalstal, 12/2002

We took a days trip to Schnalstal

Schnalstal, 12/2002

and enjoyed the beauty of the area in winter.

Schnalstal, 12/2002

An abundance of "road Jesus'es" and I, always in need of more pictures

Schnalstal, 12/2002

Lunch in a nearby hotel

Schnalstal, 12/2002

Couldn't resist this still functional antique tram.