One of the longer and more interesting hikes of the year was Langkofel.  At 3181m. it is among the tall peaks of the Dolomites. We took the weird tram up to the top of the mountain, in which two people could barely stand.  Not to mention the fact that the nuts and the holes on the floor weren't much persuasive about it's security....

While going up, to the right, there is a huge statue of Virgin Mary carved into the rocks and built piece by piece by climbers.

We hiked down the rocky slope into the fog. We went through a foggy thunderstorm and found a cabin for lunch by smell. The 'ants' you see in the photos are actual people. 


 We then went around the mountain, through mini passes and lush pastures and came back to where we started.


And like on all Alpine hikes there was no shortage of crosses and crucifixions.... and ... cows and waterfalls.   One prettier than the other!


This year we enjoyed Langkofel from a distance

Below are the three main peaks of the Group 

Left to right:    Grohmannspitze  -   Fünffingerspitze   -   Langkofel


...and other views during several days of driving in the Dolomites, the first being the most recognized view.