August 2014

Our headquarters this summer is Grand Hotel Billia in Saint-Vincent.  It is a very interesting hotel with a second class part called Parc Hotel Billia in the back that caters to the gamblers of Italy, or visitors from China who need their gambling fix.

Our room overlooking the pool was lovely but extremely loud.  Given the fact that most of the guests in our part of the hotel were natives it was to be expected.

We had a couple of dinners in the hotel that were so so... The food was good but service??  There were 3 waiters to each table running around giving orders to each other and yet it took them almost an hour to get us a bottle of wine, let alone take the food order.

Then we tried a couple of restaurants in town and finally settled on drives to go to La Clousaz - our favorite restaurant on the road to G. San Bernardo. The food is excellent and the atmosphere wonderful.  Worth its Michelin Star!!

The pool, and the bathroom, with slate tiles from local quarries, was the best part of the minimalist decorations of the hotel [below right].

 Restaurant Le Grenier in town.


...and last but not least the Chinese restaurant in town, in August!! You put up a Christmas tree once and get over with it for the rest of your life!!

Other places visited :  Grand St. Bernard,   Cervinia,   Gressoney,   Plato Rosa,  

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