November 2022

We visited Coventry on this trip that took us around central England and included Cotswolds, and towns like Stratford-upon-Avon and Oxford.

My plan was to show Stephan the handiwork of the Third Reich and it was successfully accomplished.

During the Second World War  the German Air Force tried to bomb the industries like metal working, wood working, munition which were well known around Coventry, but  on one raid they missed the target and demolished the Cathedral.  The very impressive, Gothic bell tower however, survived.   At 100m. it is the third highest cathedral tower in England.

 In return, Stephan showed me the Mainz Cathedral that was demolished by the allies. 

Click on the image above for a video clip of the ruins.

The 'new' Cathedral is built right next door to the old one and has a very impressive modern architecture.  The gentleman who gave us a tour was wonderful and pointed out  all the specialties of the building .


A visit to Coventry would not be complete if one does not see the Lady Godiva statue.


A few more memories including Priory Row and Holy Trinity Church


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