March 2012

On our way  from Stubaital to Paris we did several stops - among them Strasbourg.  My first time in this lovely Alsace Capital which lived up to my expectations and then some.  it is the seat of the European Parliament and a UNESCO Heritage Site.  Even though it has been the center of centuries worth of bloodshed between Germany and France it embodies the coming together of the two cultures.

We stayed in Strasburg one evening and walked through town all afternoon, evening and then the next day.

Authentic Alsatian food at Chez Yvonne

Place Gutenberg - Johannes Gutenberg lived in Strasurg between 1443 and 1455.  It was here that he worked on the printing press which was first used in 1450.  And the first Bible was printed in 1454-1455.


Gutenberg, standing by his press, holds a page showing a verse from the Old Testament that reads  'Et la lumière fut...'

Place de la Cathédrale - The main square of the old city of Strasbourg where the Cathedral of 'Our Lady of Strasbourg' [Cathédrale Nôtre- Dame de Strasbourg], one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings of Northern Europe stands.


La Maison Kammerzell [Kammerzell House]  -  One of the oldest and best known buildings of Strasburg on Cathedral Square.  It is a well preserved medieval civil housing building of late Gothic architecture.  Its dark timber façade makes a contrast with the delicate rosy exterior of the cathedral.


The river Ill , a tributary of the Rhein, runs through Strasbourg. Here is a walk on the banks of the river around the city.


And a few more of the old town itself.



From Strasbourg we drove to Paris where poor Stephan had to work while I gallivanted around town.