SION 2002

Sion, trail to the castle, 10/2002

This trail is much steeper than it looks, and also somewhat slippery. Stephan had real fun with his leather soled shoes.

Sion Monastery, 10/2002

It’s now a school.

Sion Monastery, 10/2002

Sion, 10/2002

Stairs to the castle ruins. The handrail was really useful.

Castle at Sion, 10/2002

The view from the parking lot. It’s a bit farther away than one would think...

Sion, narrow streets, 10/2002

A full size car can pass, but a bus would have no chance.

Road back to Kandersteg, 10/2002

Picture was taken from the valley bottom of the Valais. The road on the opposite mountain flank leads up to the Lötschberg-Tunnel, which ends in Kandersteg.