2013 - August

Schilthorn [Piz Gloria] & Mürren

Another day trip, on a very rainy day, was to Schilthorn, aka Piz Gloria which, for some reason, doesn't seem to sit well with Stephan.

Schilthorn is known for hosting the world's longest downhill run.  It is also known for its James Bond affiliation. The site was chosen for the only James Bond film starring George Lazenby - On Her Majesty's Secret Service.  We were bombarded with this history ad nauseum! 

Complete with cut outs of a gun toting James Bond!!



As the weather was horrible and the view nonexistent we bypassed the revolving restaurant and took the cable car down to one of the mid stations - Mürren - for a rainy walk and lunch.

Below what one could see from the cable car.




Our restaurant was a mountain eatery with trophies of all sorts...

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