February 2011

Zürs - Lech

After we picked the car in Leipzig and visited family in Freiburg we drove to Zürs. On the way we visited Bildstein Pilgrimage Church Maria Heimsuchung.

Drive to Zürs



Thurner's Alpenhof  - the hotel where we stayed.

One fo the best hotels in Austria. The ladies of the Thurner Family were all great hostesses and our stay was simply perfect. From coctails for guests to Austrian Music night the Hotel deserved its "Leading Hotels of the World" status.


The skiing was very good and we had a lovely weather for most of our stay.



Several times we did the 'Der Weiβe Ring" and skied from Zürs to Lech and back to Zürs. It is a 22 km [about 14 miles] and much fun to ski.


To encourage me Stephan takes pictures of me skiing and tells me I ski well.... I am not so sure....



Each time we had lunch at Oberlech above the town itself. and we had sunny weather each time.




Stephan had the chance to go back country skiing, with a guide [despite his protests as he knows the mountains well] who took the wonderful picture below showing Stephan's perfect "S"es.

One day, with less than perfect weather conditions, we drove to Switzerland to see Viamala; to Liechtenstein for some sightseeing.