ARMENIA,   07/2006

Our  very first trip to Armenia was both enlightening and sentimental.

We spent a week in Armenia and it was not enough to appreciate the history and the culture.  Here is a selection from the hundreds of pictures taken during our visit.


Yerevan - the capital - seems to be a city of contrasts.  Abject poverty and unabashed flaunting of questionable wealth. In between both, Armenians with their never ending endurance seem to enjoy what is available.  We too enjoyed every minute of our stay.

Our first visit was to Tsitsernakaberd Park


The size and the solemnity of the monument invokes many feelings.

"Groonk" by Gomitas in the background could not hold one's emotions in check..

All dignitaries visiting the site have planted pines

among them my favorite Pope


Aram Khatchadoorian

Haghtanak Park - Victory Park

a travel memento in the park

A fine example of "new" money

Our first lunch in Yerevan

Our first lunch in Yerevan

with "Baron Vazgen" our most wonderful guide/driver.

Madenataran & Soorp Mesrob - the creator of the Armenian alphabet circa 404 A.D.

Mesrobe used the Greek alphabet as a template and created a 36 letter alphabet to fit the needs of the language


View of the city from the library "Madenataran"

The Armenia Marriott where we all stayed

View of the Republic Square from our room at the Marriott

Ice cream at the hotel

Grigor Lusavorich National Cathedral

And last but not least! Pria celebrated her birthday in Armenia.

Birthday dinner at Phoenicia Restaurant


The Monastery of KecharisRestored during 1997-2000 the original  monastery complex dates back to the 11th century . It was developed by  Grigor Maristros Pahlavooni. it includes the churches of: St. Harootyoon, St. Neshan, Kathoghigheand St. Krikor Loosavoreech

Entrance to Kecharis

Soorp Greory/Soorp Krikor

ST. Nishan


Lake Sevan - It is the largest body of water in landlocked Armenia. The Monastery of Sevan was built in the 9th century.


Edjmiadzin - The Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin is the spiritual and administrative headquarters of the worldwide Armenian Church

The gate of Edjmiazin

The Cathedral

Soorb Hiripsime

Soorb Gayaneh


Garni - A Roman temple spared, despite the Armenian fervor to build churches

Geghard Monastery - Originally founded by St Gregory the  Illuminator in the 4th century replacing a pagan shrine it was destroyed by Arabs in the 10th century and then the Seljuk's in the 12th century. The Holy Mother of God Church partially dug inside a cliff was preserved. The main church of the complex is the Katoghiké Church.


Haghartsin - One of the most beautiful sites in Armenia is the monastery complex of Haghartsin.  Nestled among trees on a slope it ihas three churches that were originally built in the 11th century.  St. Gregory is the oldest.  The other two are St. Stephen and St. Asdvatsatsin.  They were ruined by the Seljuks and rebuilt in the 13th century.  We visited the Haghartsin and then hiked in the surrounding areas.  Here are some pictures :