2007 - Finally we got our house together - Here are some pictures in and out...


Our courtyard with the fountain and flowers.  The rocks on top or the fountain came all the way from Armenia

Our first visitor, even before we moved in, was 'Bambi'!


First spring and flowers from the back yard

Our first Christmas in the house was a very special event and we enjoyed it with family and friends.




Finally we are doing the deck

Stephan got involved both in the demolition and the infrastructure - in addition he also recorded the daily progress

The old deck afrom the bedroom and the old staircase going to the back yard

4 trucks of cement was used to build this foundation

Stephan both filmed the progress and worked with the workforce!

The deck is done!!

Stephan, the 'lumberjack', cutting and processing wood for the fireplace.

2010  -  Our second bathroom with a steam shower is also finished. 

2011 - We, Stephan and I, built a little garden shed on the side of the house.  Cement and all.  Took a while but the result is good.



The crop was excellent this year.  Tons of apples and blackberries and some grapes and strawberries.

Here are the two Hokis and Easter eggs and some of the fruits.


              2013 - This is all we need

2014 - We finally redid the garage

     2015 - Stephan extended his shop


 And here is the final result with the fancy door he built himself, and getting ready for winter


   We also upgraded our vegetable garden - aka the "FARM"

  This year's crop!   -  This is the result of 3 weeks of vacation and not tending to the garden



  and some flowers including lilacs from the garden



Our newest edition:  3rd vegetable garden that is rodent proof, and mole proof!



This year's crop



Covid -19 kept us at home all year long.  The result was another vegetable garden, a Tesla solar roof, a brand new front yard and a little house for Stephan's masterpiece, the 'car'...

ROOF - before, during and after

FRONT YARD - where I did my share too

Veggies and fruits  - including our first watermelons


Lilacs in bloom - the little 'garage' - the third veggie garden - and what the moles did to our young fig tree's root