2018 Halloween at Yosemite

Our family spent a short vacation in Yosemite which included a train ride, a jeep ride and a night hike.

The Train Ride


Happy Hour at Tenaya Lodge


'The Grizzly Giant' and 'The Fallen Monarch'


Sentinel Dome, Glacier Point and vicinity


Me and three of my loved ones, the boys, and Stephan doing what he does best:  pointing out peaks and sights to everyone. 

Jeep ride, 'Bull Buck', and Bass Lake

Our jeep ride included, a beautiful hike, visiting Bull Buck [a tree spared by loggers because of its size], lots of dust and even opening up blocked paths!!





Bass Lake

Lunch before returning to SF 

We then flew, and the kids drove, back to SF

Views from our plane : Half Dome, Mono Lake, lake Tahoe, and a slanted sunset in the Bay Area before landing in San Carlos.

More pictures of this trip on Yosemite page


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