We did the same trip we had done with Haygaser.  AnneMarie, Ohannes and I, we drove down   Highway 1  - went to Carmel, visited a couple of Missions on the way, watched the sunset at Pismo Beach, stayed at Lompoc(!), went to Malibu Beach and Santa Monica and dropped him off at LAX.  We then took Interstate 5 and drove back home - slightly over the speed limits at times   -  wink wink

Note to May:  We are waiting for you to do the same thing!

We bought fried artichokes

We visited Carmel Mission




We took tons of pictures of the wild and beautiful California Coast

We had lunch at Nepenthe - Big Sur


We watched the sunset at Pismo Beach

Of course Ohannes had to replenish his lung poison!!!

We had dinner in an Italian restaurant in Lompoc where the Sicilian proprietor sang Italian songs with us.

The next morning we visited Mission Santa Barbara

I showed off my Photoshop talents by getting rid of the obnoxious couple who wouldn't leave the steps of the entrance so we could take photos too ...



if you look carefully you will see the little head of the gopher.

     .... and after an authentic Mexican lunch we said goodbye to Ohannes and the wonderful fortnight we spent together.


Looking forward to our next adventure!

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