August 2007  &  March 2014

August 2007

Having flown in via London Anne-Marie, Jean-Pierre and I, we started our vacation in Barcelona and ended it in Lisbon. While JP and I took tons of pictures AM just enjoyed her surroundings and her vacation.

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the world given the fact that the masterpieces of Gaudi is everywhere for all to enjoy. 

Here are some samplings starting with Sagrada Familia

The Cathedral is still under construction and seeing the speed of work, JP predicted that it will never be finished. 

Gaudi once told people who were wondering when the Cathedral will be finished :  "My client has all the time in the world".


Here are some of Gaudi's other masterpieces including buildings, street lamps, ironwork and street benches. 

... and some other sights


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