The pictures below are of the Italian side of Reschenpass - Passo Resia  for Austrian side see Austrian Map

July 1999

A gray day on Reschenpass with the Reschensee. In the background the Ortler Mountains[below, left].  The road down to Vinschgau Valley [below, right]

The old church tower of Graun

July 2000

This wonderful little church in the village was locked because people were stealing from it. The innkeeper who had the key gave it to us and we had the joy of visiting it.



We drove many wide(!) roads to get to tiny villages and discover tiny churches

Here is one of our favorites;  St. Stephan

A view from the vicinity of St. Stephan down to the Haidersee (the natural lake below Reschensee, which is a reservoir) - [below, left].  A small road in the vicinity of the Haideralm, on the west side of the Reschen lakes [below, right].

December 2002

January 2004

The Graun church tower in the frozen lake

January 2005

Its always fun to stop for a photo op

Driving back towards Reschen village and the pass after our vacation in Sulden