May 2011    &    July 2015

After Valentin's "confi", as the family calls it, we spent a week in Northern Italy.  Revisiting sights and enjoying the Alps and the lakes. 

One of these enjoyments was a quick day trip to Milano.



Other sights during this trip were :  Como  -   Bellagio  -   St. Bernardino  -   Viamala

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July 2015 - Side trip to Milano from Como

Our day trip to Milano included lunch in the Galleria, visits to the Duomo and the Sforza Castle, and last but not least this year we managed to make reservations 5 months in advance and got to visit the 'Last Supper'  in the refectory of the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie!

My Stephan had organized a minivan to take us around, so we parked our cars at their garage and our driver catered to all our needs all day long. Here he is and the Mercedes in the background.


We started with a lunch in the Galleria.   Johanna and Heiner also joined us for this event.  Here is Stephan leading and the rest of the family following.


Lunch at Savini


A wonderful 'tourist trap' which includes a water tasting menu for the rich non-drinkers...guess who?


We then visited the Duomo and did all the obligatory pictures


Santa Maria delle Grazie


Sforza Castle


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