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August 2011

This summer once again we went to Aiguille du Midi, but this time from Courmayeur in  Italy.  We took 4 different cable cars and got up to the top.


Here is Aiguille du Midi

We had our picture taken with Mont Blanc in the background

After that Stephan gave me the usual "Identify each peak" test.  Happy to announce that it is getting better.   I now know:

Les Dames Anglaises:  The peaks in the middle of the picture below - They are very tough to climb, hence the name...

Dent du Géant -  The lonely tooth like peak below

Mer de Glace with Aiguille Verte in the background  and so on....

and so on....

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Aiguille du Midi also is a border between France and Italy

Here are climbers on various sides of the mountains.


We walked through tunnels to get from one end of the viewing terraces to the other.

After enjoying the mountains and having a lunch on the top we took the cable cars back down to Courmayeur


July 2015  -   The Skyway!

The Italians have upgraded the cable car going up to a technological wonder.  It revolves as it ascends/descends and lets everyone have an amazing view of the surrounding peaks.  The station down at Courmayeur is also brand new and very attractive. it had opened right before we were in Italy.


Stephan took Pria and Arek on a glacier hike, while Ben Lucine and I had a leisurely morning before going up to meet them.





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2005 visit to Aiguille du Midi from France