07/2005  -  Evian & Yvoire

While Stephan was busy with his UN ITU meeting I had a car and plenty of time. One day trip took me to Evian and Yvoire, in France,  on the south shores of Lake Geneva - Lac Leman. 

Evian is a relatively quiet spa town and seems to have left its glory days behind.  I took a walk around town and on the lakefront.

The well manicured city parks and its visitors

A very decorative tree along the lakeshroe.

French do like their heros and memorials

Switzerland across the lake.


Next I went to visit the medieval town of Yvoire.  First founded in the early 14th century it has been of great strategic value and as a result seen numerous battles.  Today it is a peaceful, traffic free, paradise to hordes of tourists that come to admire its  history as well as its beautiful flowers.  In summer one can not turn corner without seeing a plethora of bloom in every imaginable color.

The entrance to town is still guarded by a gate.

St. Pancrace with its stainless steel/gilded dome. It used to be tin until the rust made it unpleasant to look at and was replaced.

Yvoire was founded at the narrowest part of the lake to facilitate control.

Flowers of Grande Rue

Flowers at the entrance to the village

Every balcony, every house, every building is decorated with flowers.

Rue des Pcheurs from Place due Thay. The main town square.

And last but not least a trough - one of my favorite subjects

The pictures above, void of tourists, took hours of waiting and patience and at times not even successful.