We spent two wonderful years in Finland.  Stephan was with Nokia and stationed in Tampere. I, for my part, made SAS rich by going back and forth.  The beauty of the land is only surpassed by the beauty of the nature of the people of Finland. We returned with wonderful memories.  Here are some pictures:

Näsinnuela Observation Tower - Photograph taken from the restaurant of this 124m. tower [above and below]

The lake in view is Näsijärvi.  One of the two lakes in between which the city is built.

City center bus station [below, left]  -   The city's first church, nowadays known as the old church - consecrated in April 1825 [below, right].


The Old City Hall [above, left] and The Tammerkoski rapids and the hydropower plant in the heart of the city above, right].

Härmälä - a suburb of Tampere where our flat is and a view from our balcony.  In October [below, left], and the frozen Lake Pyhäjärvi in December [below,right].

Asli - doing a Jesus wanna be - walking on the lake, frozen or not -- still water.

A couple views of Lake Pyhäjärvi and a winter wonderland called Finland:

Finlayson Church - The Scotsman, Finlayson, brought industry to Tampere and today his name is still prominent around town.

 Näsinpuisto (Näsi Park) :  Located on the southern side of the park one can see the first public work of art in Tampere. It is a fountain donated by Counselor Tirkkonen in 1913.The park also houses the Näsi Palace. [see above]

October 2005 - While I was going around town wearing a winter coat and gloves three Finnish ladies were enjoying the nearly frozen lake.  They even called me and in perfect English said "Come, come and swim with us, it is very good!"  - I wonder what gave my status away!

 Trees after a night of snowfall, the frozen lake and celebrating New Year [12/31/2005]

We watched the fireworks from our balcony and even though it is enclosed the temperature was still below 0°C.


2006-July  -  Lake Pyhäjärvi

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