A weekend in Helsinki

A visit to the fortress Suomenlinna.  Built on 6 islands, it has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The sea is still partially frozen at this time of year.  We took the ferry to the island and here are some sights including the church and a gate on Iso Mustasaari


The city has two prominent cathedrals built on two hills facing each other as if keeping each other under surveillance.  The Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral   and The Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral.  They both are quite impressive.


Here are some sights of Helsinki

City from the ferry [left]    -    Asli at  Kamp Hotel [right]

The Senate Square and the House of the States

Sundmans  [left] and a monument celebrating the socialist past of Finland [right].  Finland still has these socialist values and they are used for the well being of her people.

We could not complete our visit to Helsinki without seeing the Sibelius Memorial.  A very modern sculpture which we both liked a lot.



February 2008

Another visit to Helsinki.  While Stephan worked I shopped at Sokos and Stockman  and we had a lovely dinner at Sundman..