February 2009

On our way to Austria we made a stop at Nürnberg.  The free Imperial City of the Middle Ages.  Home to Albrecht Dürer and after WW II the site of the trials. Unfortunately,  the court houses were under restoration and we could not visit them.

But we did visit the Medieval Castle - Kaiserburg Fortress

... and the church of St Sebald

... and Frauenkirche - The Church of Our Lady

... and the old Market Square and many other sights

We had lunch at Heilig-Geist-Spital

The "Beautiful Fountain" - Schöner Brunnen

detail of the Fountain

One of the many towers to protect the city

The oriel on the parsonage fo St. Sebald. It is a copy of the original . Portions of the glass were designs of Dürer.

and last but not least Dürer himself.