Munchen, 07/2000

This was a short visit, so I was satisfied w/Marienplatz.

Munchen, 07/2000

Munchen, 07/2000

I could not resist the aged look of the King! Remember the star of 1966 World Cup? Beckenbauer? Yep - that's him.

[Soccer for those w/no idea]

Munchen, 07/2000


March 2012

We did a shopping spree on a bad weather day - we drove up from Stubaital.  We parked right behind Maximilianstrasse shopped, had lunch and drove back!!


June 2012


This summer we went to München for a specific reason: To pick up my new  car!  Stephan decided that we need a new BMW and the best way to get it is like we did the year before - European delivery.

We stayed at the Airport for one night then picked up the car and off to Dortmund and then on to Norway.

Kampinski - München Airport



Heiner came from Dortmund and here we are waiting for our car at BMW ....

....... and here it is - a 528i with all the bells and whistles







Onto Norway

Back to Germany