MÜNCHEN - Munich

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July  2000

I could not resist the aged look of the King! Remember the star of 1966 World Cup? Beckenbauer? Yep - that's him.
[Soccer for those w/no idea] [Last picture below]

March 2012

We did a shopping spree on a bad weather day - we drove up from Stubaital.  We parked right behind Maximilianstrasse, shopped, had lunch and drove back!!

June 2012

This summer we went to München for a specific reason: To pick up my new  car!  Stephan decided that we need a new BMW and the best way to get it is like we did the year before - European delivery.

We stayed at the Airport for one night then picked up the car and off to Dortmund and then on to Norway.

Kampinski - München Airport


Heiner came from Dortmund and here we are waiting for our car at BMW .... and here it is - a 528i with all the bells and whistles



   March 2018

A quick stopover to pick up our car and drive on to Stubaital.



July 2018

My oldest and dearest friend/sister Ayşe and I we met in München and after spending a wonderful day in the city we drove down to Slovenia to meet Stephan and continue with our vacation.

We stayed at Bayerischer Hof where they proudly announced that they had upgraded us to a suite with a balcony.  The suite portion was correct, but the balcony??  Another story.




An intriguing site was the Michael Jackson Memorial right in front of our hotel over a statue of King Ludwig of Bavaria.

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