Boppard to Bingen

It even surprised me that having been to most of German sights in the past 24 years I had never visited the Rhein Valley.  So here we are!

We stationed ourselves in Koblenz and spent several days in the area.  The first day we drove to Boppard and took the river boat "Goethe" on which we spent four hours slowly sailing down [i.e. south - in reality it is 'up the river' as we were not going with the flow] the Rhein to Bingen.  Here is a sampling of the day's impressions:

While I ran back and forth from one end of the boat to the other taking as many pictures as I could my beloved spent most of his time enjoying the view from restaurant on Goethe.

While sailing on the river one realizes how thick traffic is on the Rhein. It includes commerce and tourism.


... several picturesque towns -  here are : ST. Goar, Bacharach and Lorch

...the mythical rock: Loreley

... the customs collection towers of Mäuseturm [left] and Ochsenturm [right]


... and of course the castles - here are a few

The most interesting were the 'Hostile Brothers' [Die feindlichen Brüder] : Burg Sterrenberg [below left] and Burg Liebenstein [below right].  They are the closest castles ever bult in the Middle Ages.  The story of these two is a classic.  It includes love, brotherly jealousy, betrayal, the Crusades and, as always, at the end it is the young innocent maiden who suffers - and takes the veil.


Burg Katz

Burg Rheinstein

Burg Sooneck and Burg Ehrenfels


and many, many others....

... last: finally got him out of his chair for a couple of selfies.


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