Hannover   -   July 2000

Visiting Expo 2000

We driove from Berlin to Hannover for a full day of international education...

The entrance to Expo 2000.


Arial transportation at the expo - courtesy of Deutsche Post


Armenian Pavillion - modest and meaningful, in contrast with Monaco [below, right] where wealth was being shamelessly flaunted.



Turkey -

Historical wealth and fame.


Venezuela - charming with a mechanical bloom that opened and closed the roof at certain  intervals.

France, Ireland and Hungary



And last but not least ... where the US Pavillion was planned to be, stood a Ferris Wheel and a McDonald!  No appropriations of funds by the US Congress.  This irony paved the way to many jokes at our expense and at which we had to smile and endure.

On the way back we had a quick stop at Magdeburg.