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The Freiburg Münster

View from the tower of the Münster [the Cathedral]

Climbing up the tower and the view


Bachles of Freiburg [above] and the cutest children in Freiburg:  Antonia and Valentin [below]

Breisach, the Rhein, The Black Forest and Hölltal

2008 - Family Visit

Our next two trips to Freiburg were for the confirmations of Valentin [2011] and Antonia [2013].



Our family vacation started in Freiburg.  We were pampered at Hotel Colombi, spent a day visiting the town, hiked up the tower of the Münster, and drove onto Aosta.


Strolling around town



Getting ready to climb 200+ steps up the bell tower.


and off we go...



finally --- we did it!!!


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