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My initiation to Dortmund started with a visit to the Dortmund tower with mama and papa Wenger.   It was a cold and steely day but one could still see the city and get a general view.

The next outing was to Hohensyburg and a visit to the monument commemorating the first unification of Germany and the declaration of the German Empire on January 18, 1871, where the King of Prussia was declared Kaiser Wilhelm I.


Stephan waving, Count von Bismarck with all its glory, and honoring the dead.


Surroundings of the house and Dr. Wenger


Shopping area of Dortmund, like the rest of the world, under siege by Americanisms.


February 2009

Celbrating Heiner's birthday


February 2013

A visit to Phoenix "Lake"


February  2015 & February 2018

April 2021

Sadly the reason we sere in Dortmund this time was to bid farewell to Dr. Wenger.  Our beloved Heiner who passed away in after a shrot battle with cancer.  Stephan had already gone to be with the family and I took the fast train from Frankfurt to Dortmund, which was amazingly hassle free and fast.


December 2021

We were in Dortmund to keep Johanna company on the first Christmas she was alone without Heiner

Christmas Market in Dortmund - Weihnachtsmarkt


Christmas Fondue with Johanna 



We also bade farewell to Johanna and thus ended our wish or need to visit Dormund.

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