Brandenburger Tor, 07/1997

Berliner Dom, 07/1997

Statue of Wilhelm I, 07/1997

Konzerthaus, 07/1997

Rotes Rathaus, 07/1997

Palast der Republik, 07/1997

Also known as "Erichs Lampenladen"

Kaufhof Mall, 07/1997

Now a normal, western department store, this was one of the places where the East Germans could buy, for western money, goods that were otherwise not available.

Kammermusiksaal, 07/1997

Part of the Kulturforum, built by Scharoun

Landwehrkanal, 07/1997

A spot of tranquility, close to the Technische Universität, in the middle of the (west) city

Potsdamer Platz, 07/1997

Cranes mark the construction of new, reunited Berlin.

Spandau, 07/1999

Sister cities of Spandau

Heerstrasse, 07/1999

Walkway on Heerstrasse near Olympic Stadium

Pichelssee/Havel, 07/1999

View of the Havel and Pichelssee from a bridge nearby.

Havel, 07/1999

Olympic Stadium, 07/1999

The Olympic Stadium in Berlin where the infamous 1936 Olympics were held.

Olympic Stadium, 07/1999

Jesse Owens Allee [Blvd] right infront of the staduim.

Ha ha Hitler

Pargamon Museum, 07/1999

The city of Pergamon is recreated indoors with all the antiquities "gifted" by the Ottomans...

Pergamon Museum, 07/1999

Pergamon Museum, 07/1999

Berlin War Cemetary, 07/1999

This Second World War cemetery honors 3500+ British and Allied soldiers who died in Berlin.

Berlin - Reichstag, 07/2002

The building is a perfect example of the blending of the old and the new.

Berlin - Reichstag, 07/2002

The architect is British Sir Norman Foster

Berlin - Reichstag, 07/2002

"Dem Deutschen Volke" ("To the German people") was added in 1916 during the First World War.

Berlin - Reichstag, 07/2002

The mirrors on the roof terrace very symbolic and intriquing reflect and multiply all who are visiting.

Berlin - Reichstag, 07/2002

Since 1999 the Reichstag building has been the seat of the German Bundestag - federal government.

Berlin - Reichstag, 07/2002

Stephan and the flag

Berlin - Reichstag, 07/2002

Enjoying the day...

Berlin, 07/2002

The Brandenburg gate being renovated

Spandau, 12/2002

House in winter

Spandau, 07/2003

Near our house the lake and the view

Berlin, 04/2004

The Egyptian Museum - Model Bust of Queen Nefertiti

Berlin, 04/2004

circa 1340 B.C.

Berlin, 04/2004

Temple Gate of Kalabsha

Berlin, 04/2004

Berlin, 07/2004

Angora - Turkish restaurant that we go to every time we are in Berlin

Berlin, 07/2004

Cherries in our garden at Spandau

Berlin, 07/2004

Cherry tree at home

February 2009

We spent a day in Berlin on our way to Austria.  It was cold and damp but we were both happy to be back in Berlin.  Early in the morning we went for a walk but it was so cold that we decide to cut it short. 

Gendarmenmarkt early in the morning with Fransözischer Dom, Deutscher Dom and Konzerthaus

Französischer Dom is a French Huguenot Church and identical with the Deutscher Dom

Deutsches Historisches Museum

Berlinale was going on and there were limos and floodlights everyhwere.

Berliner Dom

Holocaust Memorial

April 2013

We hadn't been to Berlin in 5 or so years.  It was nostalgic considering I had the best times of my life while Stephan was still in Germany.  This time it was a business trip for me.  We visited my clients and spent the rest of our short time walking around the city, mainly around our hotel [Adlon] and the Unter den Linden.

Kempinski Adlon is right on Pariser Platz directly opposite the Brandenburg Gate, almost adjacent to the US Embassy  The original Adlon was destroyed during the last days of the WWII and was rebuilt after the unification of Germany.  The new design was inspired by the original and is a very attractive building.


Stephan enjoying tea at Adlon Kempinski and the skylight in the central atrium.

Brandenburg Gate at night

During the day it is a place full of people and fun.  It commemorates the good times and the  bad times with joy and energy.


The newly built and beautiful US Embassy is also right on Pariser Platz.

The Humboldt University, the Reichstag and the French Cathedral on Gendarmenmarkt


... and finally while we were driving out of the city : The Victory Column.  I did one of Asli specials and took a photo while moving.