The beautiful lake of Königssee is a treat for any travel.  The first stop is Schönau am Königssee. This is the start of a day of visual gluttony. 

The village is also famous for being the hometown of Romy Schneider - one of the most famous German actresses.


 The boats take you first to Kirche St. Bartholomä [St Bartholomew's Church] and then to the end of the lake.  On the way you pass grottos, areas with granite walls on both sides of the lake that create amazing echoes [proven by the guide playing music], a mountain top called 'the sleeping witch' and some sad sights of women's torture.

To add insult to injury look who's pretectiong his delicate skin from the sun!


The boat takes you to the end of the lake and from there you hike up and down millions of steps and get to the piece de resistance, the much smaller Obersee - the upper lake.



And finally :  Nature's Wonder!



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This visit took us to the starting point to visit the "mountain top chalet"  aka Hitler's Eagle's Nest.  A word that is no longer in use. 

It can be seen from where you park, hike around and visit the 'historic document center'(!) - another softening of the Third Reich era. 


We stayed at Kempinski-Bechtesgaden and were neighbors with the 'Turkish House'

Our very very long hike [at least for me] was up Jennerbahn.  It was long AND spectacular!


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