Kalopanayiotis and vicinity

2015-10    &   2018-09

Drive to the mountains and visiting the painted churches of the Troödos Region

Another lovely day in Cyprus and a drive to the hills

The Village of Kalopanayiotis



Casale Panayiotis

A modern hotel built nestled among traditional buildings

Setig - Our fearless leader!

 The monastery of St. John Lampadistis [Agios Ionnis Lampadistis]


Aya Marina Church


Church of Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis (St. Nicholas of the Roof)




A second visit to the same area including Platres

More of the monastery - Agios Ionnis Lampadistis




On our way we stopped for refreshments and some 'Vur Kafasina' backgammon

... and last but not least the emotional part of this trip.  We visited Platres where mom and dad had their honeymoon.  The hotel is gone but the spirit is still there.


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