Kandersteg, 03/1997

The mountain in the back is Balmhorn (3699 m). Waiting for a train to get to Täsch.

Zermatt, 03/1997

The view of Matterhorn from our room in Seiler Mont Cervin.

A lonely church, 3/2001

On the slopes from Trockener Steg to Schwarzsee, high above Zermatt

Heli-Skiing, 3/2001

Taking off in Cervinia (Breuil) after skiing over from Zermatt in the early morning.

Heli-Skiing, 3/2001

Drop-off point next to the summit of the Tete Blanche. From here it’s about 2000 m vertical and 10 km horizontal to Zermatt.

Old huts, 3/2001

They are several hundred years old, and right in the middle of Tourist-infested Zermatt.

Gornergrat, 3/2001

The view from the (wheelchair accessible) Gornergrat tram station to the (not wheelchair accessible) Monto Rosa Massiv (4600m).

Dom and Täschhorn, 3/2001

From Zermatt, early evening.

Trockener Steg, 1/2002

View from the Trockener Steg Cable car up to the Klein-Matterhorn, the highest cable car station in the Alps (3800m). The station is next to the top of the black pinnacle.

Town Church, 1/2002

in Zermatt.

Matterhorn, 1/2002

From the Theodulglacier, italian side.

Zermatt, 01/2002

The beginning of the Cable car going to Klein Matterhorn - shich can be seen at the end

Zermatt, 01/2002

Old houses in the town. They never cease to amaze and intrigue me.

Zermatt, 01/2002

from our room in Monte Rosa.