Saas Fee

2013 August and August 2023


Another day trip from Interlaken  -  once again, we  took the Kandersteg train and drove to Saas Fee.

Saas Fee a traffic free town, with alpine charm is sometimes called the Pearl of the Alps.  After parking the car in an enormous parking lot, you walk to the superfast cable car and go up to Felskinn.  There you change to MetroAlpin which is the highest subway in the world. It goes up to 3456 m.


The view of the town from the the cable car going up the mountain.

Metro Allalin

Summer skiing


Restaurant Allalin - The revolving restaurant provides  breathtaking views of 360°.  We had a lovely lunch and as always, our in-house guide provided us with all kinds of knowledge - names and heights of almost all peaks surrounding us, the climbing difficulties, the back country skiing possibilities etc. 


After lunch we took a tour of the world's highest deepest ice cave. By going down a 70m. tunnel you reach the world's largest ice pavillion.  It is over 5,000 cubic meters large and offers many paths and caves, including a little chapel.


August 2023

Visperterminen - Längfluh - Hohsaas - Allalin - Saas Balen - Stalden

Another visit to Saas-Fee, sadly after we lost both mama and papa Wengers.

We stayed in Saas-Fee at Grand-Hotel Walliserhof and did day trips in the surrounding areas during a wonderful week.

A hike to Gibidumsee from Visperterminen


  Cable car ride to Längfluh  for a little hike, a lunch and witnessing the receding glaciers



A cable car ride and an underground train to Allalin - and sadly discovered another receding glacier.  We also had a lunch at Drehrestaurant Allalin and enjoyed the the view from every turn.


 another beautiful hike on Hohsaas

Saas-Balen & Stalden

A visit to Saas-Balen to see "Die Rundkirche" and then on to Stalden to see the Neue Brücke

We first thought this was the new(!) bridge [left-below] - then we saw the correct one right next to it [right -below].

We concluded our stay in Saas-Fee with a musical bonanza in the town square, and the next day we were off to Vaujany in France.