Kandersteg 3/2001

Cars need to go on the train for the tunnel through the Lötschberg, as the pass roads are still closed in mid March.

Kandersteg Valley, 3/2001

The terminus of the Kandersteg Valley with the mighty Balmhorn.

Blümlisalp-Group, 10/2002

From the end of the Oeschinensee-cable car.

Oeschinensee and Blümlisalp, 10/2002

Oeschinensee and Blümlisalp, 10/2002

Oeschinensee, 10/2002

Trail above Oeschinensee

Waterfall, 10/2002

Oeschinensee, 10/2002

From high up on the slope leading to Blümlisalp-Hütte, about two hours from the cable car station.

Jause, 10/2002

Jause [Cold mountain food] at the Oeschinensee Restaurant.

Sheep, 10/2002

They were hungry, but didn't like the cheese. In Kandersteeg, near the parking lot of the Oeschinensee-Bahn.

August 2013

on this trip another outing was to Öschinensee.  We took the train to Kandersteg and then the cable car up to the lake.

The view of the lake once you start walking from the cable car station is breathtaking. It is a little hike and they have buses for those who cannot walk.  Of course for the right price of CHF10 for a 2 minute ride.


Lunch at the upper terrace of the restaurant as the lower level was full and we did not want to wait.

After lunch Stephan and I went on a hike while Johanna and Heiner enjoyed the beautiful weather and the view.



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