March 2014


Our ski trip this year was late.  We couldn't get to the Alps until March 10th as Stephan had a meeting in London beginning of March.  It was pure spring skiing.  Warm weather, sun, and slush!

We stayed at Waldhaus Flims which was very pleasant and comfortable. I took a picture of our room before we managed to turn it into chaos.


The ski conditions were good on higher elevations  so we tried to stay as high as we could.  The slopes were wide and long like most  Alpine resorts.  But once you got down to the lower parts it was pretty unpleasant.  Stephan insisted on skiing all the way down I took the cable car and we met for an après ski drink at the base and then, while people were still drinking and having fun, we took the hotel shuttle that waited for us every day.

Spring Skiing

Lunch with Speck and Bergkäse.

Later in the week,  Das Elephant became our favorite restaurant. Here are our favorite dishes : Capuns and pasta with truffles.


Epoca -  the 17 toque restaurant in the hotel was worth the extra we had to pay.

Mmm... some delicious foie gras.

For some reason Stephan likes taking pictures of me skiing..... 


and here are some more pictures of the slopes



Dinner at the hotel:  first - our usual corner, next - at the curling hall where we had our first curling experience - as spectators - and speck and fondue for dinner.