Eiger North Face, 10/2002

A close up of the more than 1800m high face.

Eiger North Face, 10/2002

A view of the famous Eiger North Face from the trail between the Männlichen and the Kleine Scheidegg. Lots of snow in late October

Mönch North Face, 10/2002

Eiger North Face, 10/2002

from close to Kleine Scheidegg

Jungfraubahn, 10/2002

At Kleine Scheidegg people waiting for the train up to Jungfraujoch

Eigergletscher, 10/2002

From the Jungfraujoch-Bahn, just before the tram enters the tunnel. Believe it or not, this glacier can be skied in late spring (by experienced and roped-up ski-mountaineers).

Jungfraujoch, 10/2002

The view down to Konkordiaplatz

Jungfraujoch, 10/2002

The small peak in the background is Männlichen.

Ice-Cave on Jungrfaujoch, 10/2002

Tasteful or not... make up your own mind. The cave has dozens of similar ice sculptures.


Another year, another trip :

On day one up to Kleine Scheidegg.  The train ride was crowded to say the least.  We had to fight our way as if we were in a commuter train in a third world country.  With a lot of other tourists used to this pushing and shoving we managed to get in, and I did a little bit of pushiness myself to find a sit for Johanna.

The train ride is a visual heaven.  The sights one cannot get enough of and remember forever.



The train makes a quick stop at Wengen


continuing up to Kleine Scheidegg the train got a little less crowded

Oh my!  Single track and two trains approaching each other?!?!  NO problem.  This is Switzerland!


Heiner 'train watching'  and the obligatory group picture.


We then had lunch at the wonderful Restaurant Eiger Nordwand. A short walk from the train station, it is considered to be the best restaurant in Kl. Scheidegg.  It would have been OK if it were only the drop-dead view but the food is also very good.

After lunch while Johanna enjoyed the view and some coffee we took a little hike to Rinderhütte at 2137m.


A little stop at Rinderhütte.  While we were sitting on the bench the cows came to check on the intruders.  I immediately jumped up to take some pictures.  Here, father and son close and personal with Swiss cows.

A week later, while Johanna and Heiner started to drive back we stayed behind one more day and went up on Jungfrau.


Here is the Jungfraujoh train station.  Nestled between the peaks of Mönch and Jungrau At 3,454 m. it is the highest railway station in Europe.  it is connected to the Top of Europe building which can be reached by tunnels and elevators.

We decided to hike up to Mönchsjochhütte.  Walking on snow we reached the hut and had lunch there.  It was a beautiful day and the hike was much fun.


The Mönchsjochhütte is not a beauty but obviously very practical for mountaineers to take refuge in when needed.

Bye bye Jungfrau until the next time.........

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