2011-08   Québec City

Our 2011 summer vacation started in Québec City.  Stephan had an IETF meeting and I joined him.  After a great week in Québec we flew to Europe and continued our vacation in Italy - Cogne, Courmayeur and Monte Bianco [Mont Blanc].


The conference was held near the Hilton on the hill and we had a room with a great view of the city.

While Stephan worked I explored the city on foot. 

First, I walked to the Parlement de Québec close to our hotel. Here is the view from the hotel.

And from close by.


Then I walked over to the Citadelle which overlooks the river St. Lawrence and has protected the city through its history.


Québec was founded by the French explorer Champlain in the early 17th century. It is the only North American city to have preserved its gates and defensive works which still surround Old Québec.



On the way to the old city one first visits Château Frontenac, the most famous building in Québec City. It is an old, beautiful 'grand' hotel that overlooks the rest of the city.  In front of it, proudly stands the statue of Samuel de Champlain, the founder of Québec City, complete with tourists and street entertainers surrounding him.


One can take the funiculaire to go all the way down to the Old City  [Vieille Québec] but I decided to walk.

On the way one passes the statue of Francis-Xavier de Montmorency-Laval.  The first bishop of Québec.

Notre Dame des Victoires and Notre Dame de Québec [The Basilica]. 

The Funiculaire ends right in the middle of the Old City.


Where you sit at a cafe and enjoy the bustling surroundings.

After Stephan finished his conference, we spent one more day drove to and visited the Montmorency Falls, Seven Waterfalls and The Sanctuary of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré.  All in all, it was a great excursion.






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