April 2016

Iguazu Falls  -  Cataratas del Iguazú -  Cataratas do Iguaçu

Brazilian Side

To get to Brazil we rented a car with a driver.  He took us over the bridge on Iguazu river where the three countries meet:  Argentina Brazil and Paraguay.  He took us to a spot where we could see the other two standing on Argentinean soil.


In Brazil we first visited an aviary

It housed the most colorful birds in the universe, some reptiles, and is a refuge for several endangered species of birds.


These two below were the funniest:  they fought physically, bickered endlessly and then turned around and kissed each other!!!


While some parrots were sharpening their beaks the owls watched them with total disinterest.


Reptiles, and natives entertaining the tourists




After this stop we drove to the falls. Our driver dropped us of at the parking lot, as you can only take a bus into the park. We walked and walked, up and down steps, to see the falls from every angle.  And it is true:  The Brazilian side is more photo inducive.  Great for panoramic pictures.

Lunch and Caipirinhas!


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