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January 2004

The Anna Column [Annasaule] & The Golden Roof [Goldenes Dachl]


March 2012


During our ski trip in Stubaital we took a day off [bad weather] and drove to Munich.  On our way we passed Volders and tried to visit St. Karl but it was closed and we just walked around a little and left.

I took a day off skiing and did a day trip to Innsbruck -  Thus  Stephan went backcountry skiing in Stubaital.  It was a nice warm day.  I parked very close to the center of town and walked for hours around and did some shopping.  the tragedy struck at the end of my trip when I got a speeding ticket!  I was speeding and I have no excuse.

The drive to Innsbruck


Europabrücke  [below - one of the first flyovers in Europe, crossing valleys in the Alps]


January 2017

   Just can not resist the 'Goldenes Dachl'

March 2018

Ambras Castle

Our cultural outing for this trip is a visit to Ambras Castle.  It's museum has the first authentic collection of  16th century weaponry and armors.  It also has a portrait collection of famous and infamous people, including Vlad III Dracula, Prince of Wallachis. 

 Here is a small sampling of the castle the museum, the artwork and its gorgeous Spanish Hall.

You get greeted with a peacock when you first arrive and park.

The Castle



The Museum



The safe in the form of a castle and the chapel


The Spanish Hall


July 2018

Summer in Innsbruck is festive and vibrant  -  Here are more views from  Maria-Theresien-Strasse, the Goldenes Dachl, and Stephan playing the guide with Ayşe among other sights.



  The Triumphal Gateway [Triumphpforte] on Maria-Theresien-Strasse, erected by Maria Theresa in 1765 to mark the marriage of her son Leopold to the Spanish Infanta Maria Ludovica

After spending some fun time shopping and walking around town we crossed the Inn river hiked up the hill to a lovely restaurant Stephan knew -  Restaurant Schoeneck.

 February 2022 - Family Vacation

See Stubaital

February 2023 - Nordkette

We took a day off from skiing [Stubaital] and went up Nordkette. The highest point in the area.  The funicular and cable stations are created by the late Zaha Hadid.  Her creativity is well known and respected and Nordkettebahn did not disappoint us a bit.

We first took the funicular that took us about 1/3 of the way and then two cable cars all the way to the top.

Below is the view of the Inn river and Innsbruck from the cable car station. Click on the picture  below to see the video

The very top, Hafelekar,with the wind and the chill factor, was pretty challenging.


Once again we are in Innsbruck - with family - here are some memories including the obligatory Goldenes Dachl photos and some shopping


Lunches at Stiftskeller

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