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Innsbruck, 01/2004

The Anna column [Annasaule]

Innsbruck, 01/2004

The Golden Roof

Innsbruck, 01/2004

Detail of the Golden roof


2012 March


During our ski trip in Stubaital we took a day off [bad weather] and drove to Munich.  On our way we passed Volders and tried to visit St. Karl but it was closed and we just walked around a little and left.

I took a day off skiing and did a day trip to Innsbruck -  Thus  Stephan went backcountry skiing in Stubaital.  It was a nice warm day.  I parked very close to the center of town and walked for hours around and did some shopping.  the tragedy struck at the end of my trip when I got a speeding ticket!  I was speeding and I have no excuse.

The drive to Innsbruck




   Just can not resist the 'Goldenes Dachl'


2018 March

Ambras Castle

Our cultural outing for this trip is a visit to Ambras Castle.  It's museum has the first authentic collection of  16th century weaponry and armors.  It also has a portrait collection of famous and infamous people, including Vlad III Dracula, Prince of Wallachis. 

 Here is a small sampling of the castle the museum, the artwork and its gorgeous Spanish Hall.

You get greeted with a peacock when you first arrive and park.

The Castle



The Museum



The safe in the form of a castle and the chapel


The Spanish Hall




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